About Crew Agent

About Crew Agent

Crew Agent is department of Yacht Agent Montenegro company, founded as a part of our everyday maritime business and increasing number of requests for yachts crew worldwide. All in one place, you can find your jobs, your crew or even make yourself and CV that you can anywhere.

Our goal for crew is to make Crew Agent place where all ranks and all yacht departments will have its own place and yacht owners will be able to search appropriate candidates and contact them directly.

Our agency will keep all the given data in our data base and based on our requests we will pick best candidates and connect them with Captains, management or yacht owners.

From Captains, engineers, interior or lower crew you will be able to make yourself a good looking CV and download it as PDF for free. After years of work in industry we have selected and prepared form for CV that would give all the necessary data to get insights into experience, qualifications as well as basic information that is most relevant for those who are looking for workers.

Crew Agent is here for both new people in maritime as well as experienced crew members who are looking for new opportunities or promotions.

Crew Agent does not take any commission or provision for all the services done through this website, our only goal is to ease process of finding jobs and appropriate crew and to improve overall yachting industry for us all.

Welcome to Crew Agent

Be at the right place at the right time and connect with people all over yachting world.

Offer jobs

Place to make your professional yachting resume.

List your

List your offers, find crew and start sailing.


Makes an important role in finding jobs.

Prepare Your

Prepare your resume, download or print it and send.

Why Choose Us

After hundreds of reviewed resumes, we made design that will be relevant for all positions in yachting.

Resume design

After hundreds of reviewed resumes, we made design that will be relevant for all positions in yachting.

Fast and easy

Enter your data, upload photo and you are ready for your job interview in no time.

Make it, take it

After finishing your resume, you can use it anywhere, anytime, free of charge.
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